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Basic Standard Diamond Dressing Tools
Diamond Alternatives can manufacture any stationary diamond dressing tool you may be using now. We can also design and fabricate custom tools to better fit your needs. 

There really is no "Standard" in the diamond tool business. 
The cost of a diamond tool is based on:
1) the size of the diamond 
2) the quality of the diamond. 
One company's "AA" grade may be the same as another's "B" grade diamond. 

In order to compare "Apples to Apples" we need to examine a sample of your current diamond dresser and evaluate the grade. Usually, we can provide a more consistent product with better delivery times. 

We don't claim to be the most economical diamond tool company out there. However, we do claim to provide the best service and the best value.

Diamond Alternatives is an American owned, Michigan based company with over 38 years experience in diamond tool making. 

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